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Yearn Generation of Yield

A community owned DeFi yield farming environment with a novel take on stable coin yield boosting through leveraging unique collateralized systems and vaults with fresh governance mechanics.


The burgeoning liquidity pool and yield farming explosion taking over DeFi is empowering instruments such as flash loans with the capital and liquidity they need to form the backbone in a new era of financial operations. 

  • YGY offers expanded stable coin farms, vaults, and a unique governance mechanic.
  • YGY provides the ability for anyone to deposit into yield boosting collateral pools on a truly massive scale, while also remaining decentralized and highly secure.

As the global liquidity pool grows, exotic financial instruments (such as flash loans) are becoming an increasingly viable & important method which arbitration/market making algorithms rely upon in the race to the bottom. We believe that due to the ever increasing demand for more and more collateral and liquidity to be placed into the DeFi ecosystem that it is essential that mechanisms to gather this collateral are democratized and distributed in fair yield, low risk, innovative, stablecoin ecosystems. This is what YGY is aiming to accomplish.

Governance Philosophy

YGY’s unique system of governance emphasizes strict principles of both self reliance, robustness, and reduced impact from malevolent forces within the system. Unfortunately due to the nature of current decentralized governance platforms, many Liquidity Pools are ripe for abuse by hugely powerful entities that often do not have the project’s best interest in mind. To combat this we provide a set of predefined, adjustable variables whose values are voted upon via a dynamic strength index voting scheme. This does not change the fundamental simple rules of the system’s operation but alters initial conditions instead. In doing this we ensure that the system is able to adapt to new market paradigms while still keeping the core identity of the project safe from malevolent parties.

The Foundation

Yearn Generation of Yield is an experimental community owned and governed project. Users can stake low risk stable coins and receive boosted yield within the YGY platform. The YGY platform is comprised of 4 cornerstones.

Fixed Governance

YGY uses a unique governance model that limits the range of proposal types available. Rather than leaving total direction of the platform up to random community members, YGY offers a complete and self contained base system which users may adjust within a narrow set of parameters.

Community Led

YGY is owned by both the community, and, itself. Through holding the YGY token a wallet may obtain access into the farming and governance system. Users interested in experimenting with the Governance Platform may stake their YGY in weighted pools which adjust variables within the smart contract system.

LP+ & Rebuy

LP+ gives YGY an experimental edge acting as a living smart contract layer within the platform. This layer grows and stakes its own supply of YGY to ensure the health and wellbeing of the system far into the future. This entity also operates the YGY Regenerator rebuy mechanism for the express purpose of increasing the value of the YGY token through repurchasing and burning.

Farming & Boost

Farming in the YGY platform provides users with the opportunity to boost their low risk stablecoin pool yield farming operations by expanding typical yield algorithms with our unique collateral pool integrations and Regenerator. YGY specializes in providing mechanisms for other DeFi systems to leverage.

What is Yearn Generation of Yield?

Yearn Generation of Yield is an experimental community owned DeFi platform specialized in low risk stable coin yield farms supercharged by unique collateral pools. This provides an opportunity for farmers to safely diversify the source of their yields and acts as an experimental testbed for the development of the Yearn Generation of Yield governance platform.

What is the purpose of $YGY?

$YGY, the native token of the Yearn Generation of Yield platform is used in a variety of ways. It is used as both a reward for participation within the platform, a governance token used by the community to adjust parameters of the system, and also the internal fuel burned to run YGY collateral operations.

Why Community Governance?

For yield and collateral platforms to have longevity it is vital that they are created with community ownership in mind from the very beginning. This philosophy defines the intentions behind the YGY vision. Our unique governance model, coupled with theLP+ system, allows the YGY platform to becomes a self-sustaining entity that does not require centralized control under the illusion of a democracy.

Every token holder has a vote. As a community member you can vote to change parameters of the system such as how rewards are allocated or how fast a collateral pool will compound, or how votes are weighted by volume and time. A true innovation in liquidity pool governance.

Who Founded the Yearn Generation of Yield?

Yearn Generation of Yield has no centralized controlling figure. It is designed to be self-sustaining and adjustable by the community.

An initial seed team of developers from a variety of backgrounds worked to create the basis of the Yearn Generation of Yield platform. Funds collected from the initial raise will be used to complete the system through rapid expansion via our industry connections. The YGY development team is ready to add reputable developers from within the Ethereum smart contract community to our development team. The development of this platform will be made open to the community via GitHub for auditability and participation.

After the core development hiring phase the remainder of the ETH funds will be put into a multi signature controlled wallet that will be passed on to the community for the strategic continued support of the project.

Branding & Press

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